1968 "Eye Magazine" w/Original Pop Art Poster

1968 "Eye Magazine" w/Original Pop Art Poster


Scarce March 1968 issue of “Eye Magazine” with Original, Psychedelic Pop Art Poster

Eye Magazine was published by the Hearst Corporation to cover the emerging youth explosion of the 1960's. It was marketed to college students and covered fashion, music, and politics.

Volume 1, issue 5 includes articles on music (Donovan, Cream, John Lennon and more), the “$8 dollar suit”, glow-in-the-dark fashions, civil rights, skydiving and even a discussion of whether or not women should be drafted (!!!). Lots of amazing ads as well.

Only 15 issues were published (from 1968-1969) and many of the surviving copies don’t have their accompanying posters/records/comics, but this one does, and it’s AMAZING.

Poster is signed “Parker” and measures 19-1/4”H x 25-1/2” W. Printed on the reverse is the "The Electric Last Minute": four articles covering the rock music industry of the period. Susan Lydon covers the San Francisco music scene, Malcolm Terence the Los Angeles scene, Nik Cohn the London scene and Michael David the New York scene. Black and white illustrations include portraits of Janis Joplin, Art Kunk, Charles Lloyd and his band, the U.S. of A., Magical Mystery Tour, Michael X, Rosco, Richard Anderson, and The Group Image.

Condition: some creases throughout and small tears to the edges of the magazine, but otherwise good. Poster is in excellent, unused shape.

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