1934 Lucien Lelong Billhead for Eleonora Sears

1934 Lucien Lelong Billhead for Eleonora Sears


1934 Lucien Lelong couture bilhead from the estate of tennis champion and lesbian icon, Eleonora “Eleo” Sears

The two line items on the receipt include a:

  • Robe “Artaban” soie fantasie noir (i.e. Artaban dress of black fantasy silk - perhaps a reference to Henry Van Dyke’s 1890 The Story of the Other Wise Man, which follows a finctional fourth Maji on his way to see Jesus with a a sapphire, a ruby, and a "pearl of great price”.), 2100₣

  • Robe Bagatelle” imprimee noir et blanche (black and white printed “Bagatelle” dress - I was able to find an actual image of this dress via Google, and it’s stunning!), 2000₣

A note on Eleonora from the Daily Beast:

“Back in the early 1900s, Eleonora Sears ice-skated, shot rifles, rode horses, and raced yachts. She excelled in 19 sports, making her America’s most versatile female athlete. And—horrors—she wore pants.” Continue Reading…

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