1920's Cutex Cruise Set Nail Kit / VINTAGE

1920's Cutex Cruise Set Nail Kit / VINTAGE


The most fabulous Nail set of all time from Cutex - The Cruise Set for all your "jet-setting on a boat" needs. Great Deco artwork. "The World's Most Beautiful Bottle". 

Doesn't appear to have been used, or if so, only a little bit. One of the colors and the polish remover are only partially full, but it could be due to evaporation. The color names are on point: "Riot" and "Opaline No. 1". "Riot" is full, but looks somewhat dried out. 

Also comes with a full bottle of Cuticle Oil, Powder Polish, cotton swabs, two unopened nail file kits and a manual. 

A rare example of the Cutex kits, and a fantastic piece of nail polish history.

Condition: Really Good! One wear spot to the side; several spots where the black paper is chipped. Interior is excellent.

Measurements: 7"L x 4.25"W x 1"D

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