1920's "Sonnets from the Portuguese" Book / VINTAGE

1920's "Sonnets from the Portuguese" Book / VINTAGE


Title: Sonnets from the Portuguese (pocket version)

Sonnets from the Portuguese, written ca. 1845–1846 and published first during 1850, is a collection of 44 love sonnets written by Elizabeth Barrett Browning. The collection was acclaimed and popular during the poet's lifetime and it remains so. Barrett Browning was initially hesitant to publish the poems, believing they were too personal. However, her husband insisted they were the best sequence of English-language sonnets since Shakespeare's time and urged her to publish them. To offer the couple some privacy, she decided to publish them as if they were translations of foreign sonnets.

Author: Elizabeth Browning

Publisher: Shrewesbury Publishing Company

Date: 1910's - late 1920's? (It's not marked, but this is when Shrewesbury seemed to be publishing)

Condition: good for its age, although the cover shows wear. Binding is intact. End papers are clean.

Such a cool little book - would make a great gift. Sonnets is considered a classic, and this tiny version has a really beautiful "watercolor" cover.

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