1929 French Art & Industrie Magazine / VINTAGE

1929 French Art & Industrie Magazine / VINTAGE


A charming copy of the 1920's French design magazine, Art & Industrie. 1st issue of 1929. Art Deco ads from all the major decorators, designers and architects of the time. Tipped in cover art by JEAN FRANCIS LAGLENNE - one of the prettiest covers I've seen. A loose leaf summary of the 1928 issues. Articles on the gardens of Paris, the renovation of a historic mansion property by Le Corbusier. Food, music and art criticism and more. Edited by Victor de la Fortelle. 

If you're at all interested in the finer details of the Art Deco design scene taking place in 1920's Paris, this is your guide. 

Condition: Interior pages are slightly yellowed at the edges with a few dents, but otherwise clean and strong. Binding is intact, but the cover is separating from the spine at the top and bottom and has some tears and chipping. Foxing to the back cover and interior cover pages.

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